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Saint Marys Area Pet Services

Where Is St. Marys, PA?
Who Am I And Why Am I A Pet Sitter?
What you should know about pet stores and puppy mills
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Why Should You Consider My Services?
What Areas Do I Service?
Where Is St. Marys, PA?
What Is Covered During the Free Consultation?
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What Are the Benefits Of Canine Massage Therapy? (To be offered soon)
Why Should You Consider Adopting An Older Pet?
St. Marys, PA . . . the only city in the U.S. with state game lands within the city limits . . .
In Elk County, the heart of the Allegheny Highlands.


Saint Marys, nestled in the Elk County,  Allegheny Mountain region of PA, began in 1842 by Bavarian, Catholic settlers.  Elk County has a population  of 35,112 and a land area of 828.7 square miles
St. Marys is the home of the smallest church in the USA, Decker's Chapel, built in 1856; and St. Joseph's Convent, the oldest Benedictine Women's Community in the US, founded in 1852.
Abundantly forested, timber was the first major industry.  Today, powdered metal is also a thriving industry. 
As part of the Allegheny National Forest, tourists from throughout the world come to view the growing elk herd. Fishing and hunting also abound in this region during all four, distinct seasons.


Currently, over 500 Elk make up the Pennsylvania herd.

332 West Theresia Road
St. Marys, PA 15857